A New Jumping Arena in Rancho Santa Fe, California

By Monday July 19th, 2021 Allgemein

Here are a few photos of our latest project from the USA. The Footing Solutions team did a great job, as always, building a perfect riding arena with HIT Active-Aqua underground watering system. The riding surface irrigation system ensures that the footing is evenly moistened, with no puddles or dried out areas. The moisture level is automatically regulated by an easy-to-use control computer. You can use it to make the footing softer or harder and adjust it to the desired riding conditions.

The base layer must be levelled before laying the grids

The HIT-Draingrid grids are laid on the new jumping arena

The HIT-Draingrid layer protects the irrigation pipes from damage and reinforce the riding surface

Irrigation pipes built into the grids distribute the water through the membrane valves

The grids are connected to each other by special fasteners

Geogitter serves as a separating layer between the base layer and the HIT-DrainGrids

Everything is ready for laing the riding surface

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