A New Riding Arena with HIT Active-Aqua Underground Watering was built at Waldhummelhof in the region of Donaueschingen

By Thursday October 1st, 2020 Allgemein

At the region of Donaueschingen in Baden-Württemberg there is a new great riding arena with the size of 25x50m that was built. The arena is an additional facility to the already existing great HIT-Active Stable and a riding hall equipped with HIT-Active Aqua watering system. The equestrian arena is located directly at a picturesque forest edge and the riding surface meets the highest expectation of an equestrian. The drip irrigation, that functions under the the riding surface right during the riding lesson, reduces water consumption and gives riders a great riding feeling.

Underground Watering System is Installed

The Irrigation Pipes are Connected to Supply Pipes

The Watering System is Installed, Now its Time for the Riding Surface to Come on Top

Filling HIT-Draingrids with Sand

The Riding Arena is Almost Ready

A New Great-Looking Riding Arena with HIT Active-Aqua Underground Watering

Arena Leveller Makes the Riding Surface Perfect Even

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