Underground Watering System was Recently Installed in a New Riding Arena in Sweden

By Monday November 9th, 2020 Allgemein

In Sweden, not far from Stockholm a new riding arena was built. The arena has a square of 1330 m2 and is perfect equipped with a glass roof and with a really big riding mirror. It could’t be complete without a first class riding surface and thus a good watering system for riding. That was the reason, why from all existing watering alternatives HIT Active-Aqua was chosen. The project was conducted in October together with our Swedish partner, Expara AB.

Here there are a couple of pictures to give you an impression of the installation process:

Geotextile Fabric, that is Laid over the whole Riding Surface as a Separating Layer

The Drip Irrigation have Many Small Water Valves Installed, which Provides Even Watering over the Whole Riding Surface

Installing HIT Active-Aqua Watering System

Laying HIT-Draingrids

Drip Irrigation Pipes should be Evenly Laid over the whole Riding Surface in Order to Provide an Ideal Watering Process

As a Final Step the Irrigation Pipes are Connected to a Water Circuit

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