A New Equestrian Arena and a Lunging Ring in Lienen

There is a new modern equestrian facility, that’s just been built in Lienen. In a huge hall there are paddock boxes as well as a lunging ring (diameter 18 m) and a riding arena (60 x 20m), that have been built. The riding surfaces for both of them are equipped with HIT Active-Aqua drip irrigation watering system for riding facilities.

Control over the watering system is carried out with the help of a computer control box, that can be also conducted through a special Smartphone App.

Laying the HIT drainage grids on the lunging ring
Trial run for the drip irrigation system
Matching the HIT DrainGrids to the lunging ring rim
The grids have been laid
The irrigation pipes are connected to water circle
The sand is being spread on the grids

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