A New Equestrian Arena in Lienen, Equipped with HIT Active-Aqua

There is a new outdoor arena, that’s been built at Hof Löffeld in Lienen. Last year an indoor arena and a lounging ring were already equipped with HIT Active-Aqua underground watering there, now the 40×60 m outdoor arena followed.

Since mainly first-class sport horses are kept and trained at the equestrian centre, the riding surface quality and good riding conditions are the main focus. Equipped with HIT Active-Aqua, the riding surface meets the highest demands.

We wish all the best with the new arena!

After Preparing the Base Course, the HIT DrainGrid Grids are Laid

PP-Fabric as Water-Permeable Separating Layer

HIT DrainGrid Grids can be Stacked on Each Other, which Saves Transport Costs.

Installation of the HIT Active-Aqua Riding Arena Irrigation

The Water Pipes must be Planned and Laid in Advance

The Surface Layer is Distributed on the Grids

An Important Component of the Underground Watering System is the Capillary Sand for the Arena Footing

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