A New Riding Arena in California, Temecula (USA)

We had a pleasure to build a riding arena with HIT Active-Aqua underground watering system in one of the most beautiful winery areas of California, in Temecula Valley. The equestrian arena has the size of 3000 square meters and is equipped with drip irrigation watering system, that provides perfect and evenly watered riding surface. It is of a special value in sunny California, with its dry and sunny climat, to have a water saving and reliable watering system for riding. This became decisive for the customer.

Many thanks to Footing Solutions fur such a great project!

The ground surface ist ready for laying the HIT-DrainGrids
It’s a challenge in California with almost no rain to keep the arena surface well-watered the whole time
Preparing the water pipes for the drip irrigation
HIT-DrainGrid with a nice sunset in the background
Spreading the sand on the riding arena
Unloading sand for the riding arena

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