A New Riding Arena with Active Aqua Underground Watering System was Built in Switzerland

The project was carried out next to Freiburg together with our partner , Bruggmann Reitplatzbau Company (www.reitplatzbau.ch). The riding arena is distinguished by its specific construction. One half of it is under the roof whereas the other half is outside. It means that watering system should meet quite special requirements. Ecpecially in case, when one part of the arena is for example exposed to direct sunlight, while the other is in the shadow. Notwithstanding that it should be evenly watered all over the arena surface. Thanks to HIT Active-Aqua Irrigation System it is not a problem. You should just make the appropriate settings for each of the water circles of the riding arena. One more thing, that made this project so special, was using lava for filling the grids, which proved to have even better capillarity than the normally used sand.

Geotextile fabric is used to separate the layers of the riding surface from each other
Half of the riding surface is organized as an outside riding arena
Patented HIT-Drain Grids
Active-Aqua irrigation pipes are laid through the drainage grids
The last HIT Drainage Grids have been installed
Test launch for the Active-Aqua Watering System
Part of the arena under the roof and the other one outside make it possible to ride under any weather conditions
Filling the grids with fine lava sand
Spreading the lava sand on the HIT Draingrid
HIT Draingrid has been filled with lava sand
Filling the drainage grids

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