The first project with HIT Active-Aqua in Hungary

Together with our new partner in Hungary, the company Lovaspálya építés, we installed our first HIT Active-Aqua riding arena irrigation system in Budapest at the end of 2021.

The customer wanted to install underground irrigation in the beautiful, old riding arena. Sprinkler system was out of the question, because it was of importance to keep the original look of the building. In contrast to other underground irrigation systems, our system needs only minimum installation space. Thus, the old riding arena mats were removed and the HIT Active-Aqua system was installed. In this case, a separating layer of concrete and foil was chosen to protect the historic building against moisture. We were thus able to realise a great first reference, which has already resulted in planning new HIT Active-Aqua projects in Hungary.

Betonestrich als Unterbau für den Reitboden
Removing the old riding arena mats
Levelling the ground base
Concrete screed as substructure for the riding surface
To protect the substructure from moisture, a waterproof film is laid before installing the irrigation system
Laying the HIT-DrainGrids
Spreading sand over the riding surface
The riding surface with underground watering ist ready

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